About Gus


August “Gus” Deppe

August “Gus” Deppe was born on August 10, 2001.  He was quick to smile, happy, funny, caring, brave, a true light in an often dark world.

When he was two, he was diagnosed with a stage IV neuroblastoma, a large tumor near his right kidney.  After nine months of chemo, a stem cell transplant and radiation he went into remission for eight wonderful years. During that time, he became a cub scout, a soccer player, a baseball player, a best friend, a beloved older cousin, a favorite little brother and a wonderful son. Equally comfortable with adults and children, he captured everyone’s affection with his easy manner and confidence.  When it was discovered he’d lost much of his hearing during initial treatment, he picked bright red and blue hearing aids wearing them proudly around school inspiring others to be comfortable with their own “special needs”.

Between the summer of third and fourth grade, Gus complained of leg pains, that were eventually diagnosed as a recurrence of the neuroblastoma but this time, the cancer had spread to his liver and lungs. After three rounds of chemo and two intense radiation treatments he went back into remission for another five months.  During that time he raised $25K for the Ronadl McDonald Camp for Good Times and inspired his community to donate blood to the American Cross in record numbers earning his school two prestigious awards. He relapsed again in May of 2012 undergoing another two rounds chemos until his body finally failed him on June 24, 2012.

Gus was the model of grace and acceptance, never once crying (even when he was a baby) or wondering why he was sick.  In fact he once apologized for his condition saying “I am sorry, this body is no good”.  He never let anyone be sad for him always advising people not to cry because he was “fine”.  He was always in a good mood even when he was in the hospital for weeks, making the best of a terrible situation.

He is terribly missed by all who knew him.



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