Knocking on Heaven’s Door – Part Three


Well – Hello Nana….

I left off just as AJ was about to bring in a new energy – my mother in law Robyn Anne Deppe. In transcribing the recording, I recognize that some of the information we readily forked over although there is still very specific information about dates and circumstances that he could not have known. What doesn’t come across in the transcripts, is the change in tenor in AJ.   While Gus’s energy was light and made him laugh, he seemed to struggle more with her Robyn’s energy, giving evidence to her strong personality.  She was exactly as he describes her, tough as nails, blunt, raw. Meet Robyn….

AJ:          They are also bringing up for me, where is the fourteenth significant at as well?

Us:         The fourteenth? Um.. my mom (Paul) passed away on the fourteenth. Ten days before he did.

AJ:          I was going to say, would your mom know your son… obviously right? So your son is bringing through your mother.  Often times we have the older energy that brings in those energies so I feel like it’s your mom stepping forward acknowledging it’s her way of coming through together.  The part with your mom’s energy is that she is being like… she is different from your grandmother (chuckles) so I feel like your mom’s energy is… unique… if you will (lots of laughter) And, there is a part of it that your mom wants to acknowledge that “I’m different”.  So, she wants to place herself separate from everyone and that is no disrespect to you guys, but I feel like it’s her way of acknowledging her type of energy.  I feel like your mom’s energy is like “tell it like it is”, you know what I mean?  I feel like she just wants to be blunt, and be open – free; and I don’t want to say like “I miss you – I love you”, but I feel like it’s more so acknowledging that she is still around you and she is also bringing up for you… did you say she passed away recently?

Us:         Yeah- last June.

AJ:          Is there… your name is Paul though right? Is there like a C or K name connected here? Like Christopher or Cathy connected here?

Us:         Cameron [Yes, I know we offered up this name before.]

AJ:          Who is that?

Us:         Cameron

AJ:          Is that her?

Us:         No her grandson, my nephew.

AJ:          Would she know that newer energy?

Us:         Yes – that was the fourth – the birthday on the first.

AJ:          Ok, so I feel like your loved ones want to acknowledge that energy.  So, I don’t know if there is something going on with Cameron, or something going on with that energy, or  to talk about its intuitive ability, but I feel like your mom want to send love to that energy as well and to acknowledge you guys.  I feel like when your mom steps forward there is a part of it that she makes me feel like “I’ve done this before, I’ve witnessed it before” and there is part of it that she wants to acknowledge like “I’m over the situation, I’m over the passing”.  So I feel like in some sense like I don’t feel like with her, again this was not a tragic event.  I feel like with her, it’s like your son’s energy.  They are making me feel like there are parallels in what happened; of how they deteriorated and how their body passed over, do you understand that?  And there is a part…was there something neurologically going on with your mom?

Us:         Uh she had…

AJ:          Was it Alzheimer’s, stroke, something like that?

Us:         No. She had cancer all over the place.

AJ:          Ok. There is a part that she makes me feel like “I’m aware” and “I remember”.  So I don’t know if she was going in and out of consciousness but there is a part it like, “I’m remembering and I’m aware of what’s going on here” because she is making me feel like I need to pay attention to the things around me but also acknowledge you guys as well. And is there two girls, two sisters?

Us:         Not on her side, I have a sister (Paul).

AJ:          You have a sister?

Us:         There are just two of us.

AJ:          There is only the two of you? Ok because she is bringing the two, the two. [There are two girls.  Paul’s sister and her daughter.  Another “Duh” moment] Don’t take this the wrong way, but were you close with your mom?

Us:         Yeah.

AJ:          There is part that it’s almost like I have to bring up like “man up”.  So it’s almost kind of like “take charge – take charge of your life”, kind of like “do what you need to do”, because the part of it  is that she is like placing you on the same level, but she wants to kind of like put you higher than your sister. So I don’t know if there is a difference between you guys.   If it’s like how you guys have your life style or what your situation is, but she wants me to put you higher than what you are.  So, if you feel like you are not good enough, if like things are not going well for you, there is a part that she wants to let you know “I want to put you up”.  Same thing with your grandfather, there is the same kind of energy of how they come through for you as well.  They are also telling me, is there also like an Anthony or an Angie connected here?

Us:         Not that we can think of.

AJ:          Connect that to your mom’s side of the family.  There is definitely an “A.N” name.  So, there is going to be like an Andrew, like an Angela.

Us:         (Long Pause) her middle name is Anne.

AJ:          Ok. That would probably be her way of just acknowledging herself. So, there is not another Anne still living or passed over?

Us:         No she was an only child.

AJ:          Just making sure. I want to make sure they are not bringing through a separate energy. I need to acknowledge then it’s just your mom identifying herself.  So simple yes or no. Did you guys already say your mom’s name? Did you already tell me?

Us:         No.

AJ:          Ok. The only reason why they would give me their middle name… this is why… if there is someone who has first name – first name, or two that again, either of you guys already mentioned it to me. So is there any reason why your mom would not go by her first name?

Us:         Not that we can think of.

AJ:          I am just trying to understand why she wouldn’t give me her first name. It’s very rare when they give me the middle name

Us:         Because she is different. That would be her.

AJ:          Put it is this way, your mom is the type of lady for me that would make me…that would try to tell me how to do my job.  You know what I mean?  It’s like…

Us:         I (Paul) was just going to say she’d make you work for it.

AJ:          You know she is. She is making me work for it. I mean, trust me, like she’s the type of lady that is being like “No, you are doing it all wrong.  This is how you are supposed to do it”.  Like, there’s that type of energy she wants to acknowledge that “this is my way of stepping forward, this is how I want to come through”.  It’s like… it’s not that she’s difficult… but she is. That is her energy, but I feel like a lot of it is just her being blunt, being raw. And,  I believe that her type of energy is that she just wants to step forward truly for you.  Now dad is still here which you’ve already acknowledged, correct?

Us:         Yes

AJ:          I need to acknowledge dad.  I don’t know if they were together or if they were separate.  It doesn’t matter to me.  But, she’s making me feel like I need to acknowledge her other half and let him know that I am still sending love to him as well.  I am also supposed to bring him the green light as well.  What the green light represents for him actually is moving more so emotionally on the situation.  So, it means like going out and dating, going out and living life.  I feel like there is something he needs to do and she wants to send the love and make sure things move in the right path for him as well.  She’s also telling me like…do you know?  And I don’t know if this is back over to your son … was your mom on morphine?

Us:         Uh.. yeah.

AJ:          Was your son on morphine, if you don’t mind me asking that?

Us:         Yeah, well but just a little bit, just one time.

AJ:          If it is was just one that would not make sense.

Us:         Oh ok then no.

AJ:          Was your mom like… treated…like “give it to me constantly”, I can’t say constantly but…?

Us:         At the end, because she was…. for the last month.

AJ:          I’m getting this nasty taste in my mouth and I feel like I’m very dry or dehydrated.  So there is a part of it that I feel like something  going in my pancreatic and that I need to bring up here… like “I’m good with this, I’m glad I left my body.”  So I feel like she left the body before anything really quite happened but, she makes like she was aware of it. So, if she was like in a state of mind of being in a coma, I need to acknowledge that she is making me feel like “I am aware and I remember what was going on here as well.” I am also supposed to bring up here and I don’t know if this directed to your mom, or directed to your son or directed to mom and this child but did you actually crawl into bed with your mom?

Us:         We both did in both situations actually.

AJ:          Ok. Here is a reference that I need to give to both of you guys then; because if it’s individually or with the kid or what not, they are bringing up for me that I have to acknowledge that it’s almost as if you guys took a beat and took a moment and said even though they were still physically here, it’s like “I’ve got to remember this, I’ve got to take this all in, I’ve got to take this energy in, I’ve got to know this moment.” It’s like you remember the beat and there is a part that they want to let you know, “don’t remember that moment”. So don’t remember like the bad times, remember more so the moments that you had with them because I feel like we kind of attach ourselves with that negative emotion saying you know what “what if I had the last chance, what if we could have done this.” They are making me feel like they don’t want you to remember this in how they step forward and how they want to acknowledge you guys. You know what I mean? When these energies step forward, it truly is for your guys, to assist you and help you guys grow in the right way as well. They are also showing to me, like they are bringing up my brother’s birthday, so you already validated June though, right? You already said June though right? [When Gus took his last breath and slipped away he looked so beautiful we wanted to keep that moment forever.  The fact that he said this was particularly poignant]

Us:         Yes, we said June.

AJ:          Is there another June connection or another “six” connection that I am actually supposed to bring up here?

Us:         On Paul’s side?  Um well – we have a niece born in June.

AJ:          Going to be born right?

Us:         No.  We have two nieces born in June and one will be four in June actually.

AJ:          Did that happen last year? Then it wouldn’t be it.

Us:         No.

AJ:          I feel like I have to go with last year or go like a year back.

Us:         Well, they both passed away in June. Both our son and his mom passed away in June.

AJ:          Your son passed away in June?  That would make sense because I think you said mom is June right? You said someone is in June.

Us:         Both of them passed away in June.

AJ:          Ok.  I have to acknowledge…but they are making me feel like there is another date that is significant, of another event that is connected here.  So, it’s just both of their passing’s they want to acknowledge as to how they are stepping forward here as well.  And I feel like the circle of energy of how they step forward it’s about like being like ambushed.  I don’t know if you ever want to be ambushed by like your mom, but there is a part of it that she wants to jump around and like “I want to ambush you.  I just want to come at you and throw information” but I feel like it’s more in the spiritual way to assist you in the right way.  But, I feel like with your mom’s energy is like a tough love type of thing. It’s like even though it wasn’t the right information, it would be like she would think she was right with the information.  So, there is a part of it that she wants to acknowledge is that she is still right.  So whatever you are doing that you would say like “mom would have said this” she makes like she still would have been right.  The thing with your mom’s energy in how she is stepping forward is that she’s still the same energy.  She is kind of being the dominant one if you will, because there is a very strong energy at how she comes through.   But, there is not anything she wants to stress on her passing.  So again, it is obviously someone who knew what was going on and had kind of lived their life if you will.  But I don’t think they lived their life to the fullest.  I feel like there is a part of it where it is like very nonchalant, like kind of just went with the flow of how things went but…… I might be switching or I might still be with you guys…. just switching to someone else or they are bringing through another energy for you guys…. Was your mom a smoker?

Us:         Uh, hugh.

AJ:          Like not an occasional smoke but smoker.

Us:         Yes.

AJ:          She’s making me feel like she’s still smoking on the other side.  So she’s made like she’s enjoying what she’s doing, like she’s having a great old-time on the other side.  Like this is the type of lady and this may not be her, but her persona, what she is showing to me, this is the type of lady that would be sitting down smoking a cigarette and playing cards, you know what I mean?  That’s the type of energy – how she is coming across to me like “I’m doing what’s normal to me” this is normal.  And,  I don’t know if that was a cause towards her passing, but I feel like she should not have been smoking.  You know what I mean? But if she could have smoked in the hospital or a facility, she would have done it, even though she was not supposed to. That’s the type of lady, she is making me feel like I am beyond the boundaries.  There are no boundaries for me and I want you to know on the spiritual realm, there are no boundaries on the other side to come through and communicate with either one of you guys.  I feel like, how she is coming through, she wants to acknowledge” I want to bring through my grandson but I want you to know that I’m here for you as well”.  So, here is the unique part, I don’t know if your child and your mom is someone you want to link with, or that you wanted to know that they met up together.   They are making me feel like your son kind of like greeted each other.  Like your son also greeted your mom and your grandmother and your grandparents greeted the younger energy as well.  So I feel like the elders do bring that energy, but I do find it very unique, that your son brought in your mother, rather than your mother bringing through your son, you know what I mean? It is usually the opposite of how this process works for me and I feel like again, your son had to have been like an old soul.  He obviously had some sort of experience because… like how he is coming through to me, he was aware of the process.  But, he is making me feel like there is no responsibility that I need to worry about here as well. [In re-listening to this part, we think he was actually talking about Paul’s grandmother, Maureen.  This is more in keeping with her personality.  Smoking and playing cards was definitely her thing.]


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